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Moonfare Q&A with Rajaa Mekouar

March 4, 2022

In February our Managing Partner, Rajaa Mekouar, participated in a kick off episode of Moonfare new video series aimed at encouraging women to invest in private markets. Sweta Chattopadhyay, Investment Director at Moonfare, sat down to talk to Rajaa about her journey as an investor and the role of women in the world of finance. Rajaa supported Moonfare from its early days and became one of the company`s investors and shareholders.

Moonfare pools commitments from individual investors in its independent Luxembourg-based feeder funds, which invest directly into the underlying target funds. This structure makes it possible to bring the minimum investments down to a level suited for individual investors and ensures the absolute safety and security of your capital.

To date, Moonfare has offered more than 45 private markets funds from top general partners worldwide with an emphasis on private equity buyouts, US technology investments and real asset categories like infrastructure.

Headquartered in Berlin, Moonfare has an office in Hong Kong and team members in London. The company serves investors in countries like Germany, the UK, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Italy, Ireland, the Netherlands, Spain, Belgium, France, Austria and Luxembourg.

In February the platform became available in US, giving access to world class private equity investing to an even larger group of investors - all with minimums from $125,000.

The Q&A recording is available here.

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