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Second disruptive luxury closing: investment in the relaunch of Oscar Massin

January 28, 2022

Calista is proud to announce the closing of the second deal in luxury, one of the seven sectors we focus on. The journey into the sustainable and ethical businesses in luxury sector continues with an investment of two Calista Clients in the relaunch of Oscar Massin, a high jewellery brand founded in 19thcentury and backed by Calista`s long-term partner Luximpact.

Oscar Massin, handcrafted jewellery pieces for Royal families in Europe, and his work inspired other designers and helped to pave the way for the Art Nouveau styles that came into fashion in the late 1800s. His creations are still worn today and still steal the show, like the miraculous necklace worn by Anna Wintour, Editor in Chief of Vogue, at Met Gala in 2019.

Before this month his creations could only be found at auctions like Sothebys and museums. However at the beginning of 2022 the brand was relaunched with an official website to be presented in the coming weeks. The House introduced contemporary jewellery creations with lab-grown diamonds and other sustainable luxury materials.

Co-CEOs Frederic De Narp says: « [We want to] honor Oscar Massin and what he represented. He was a real diamond reformer. He was a pioneer. We want to represent the leader he was 180 years ago to the world with new codes, and embrace lab-grown diamonds with the highest quality.”

Frederic de Narp, second co-CEO, Coralie de Fontenay, and the brand creative director Sandrine De Laage are fully ready for the relaunch in February and will demonstrate the first full collection inspired by the patterns and motifs of the original pieces created by Mr. Oscar Massin.

The House is targeting U.S. market and audience sensitive to environmental and ethical issues.

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