Calista Sourcing Club

Closing of the 1st deal: investment in the relaunch of a French luxury jewelry brand. Vever.

September 24, 2021

Calista is delighted to announce the closing of its first deal with the Sourcing Club: an investment in the relaunch of a historic French luxury jewelry brand. Vever, a 7th generation French jewelry house, is the first of its kind to pair “eco-responsible” lab-grown diamonds with masterful craftsmanship. Calista sourced and diligenced the opportunity on behalf of one Club member. Calista team isco-investing alongside new and existing shareholders, and our CEO is joining the board. The investment thesis revolves around the brand strength and its disruptive positioning, all of which is underpinned by a strong management led by Camille Vever and Damien Vever respectively as CEO and "DG délégué", and strategic partner Luximpact, founded by top executives from the luxury jewelry sector (see Calista Events section).


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